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The Kurtenbach Group, LLC is a social media, influencer marketing and growth consulting company. We are focused on driving success for businesses, corporations and organizations with our expertise, experience and support.

Companies and organizations have a better chance of reaching growth goals with the right partners in place. At the Kurtenbach Group, we run alongside our clients, helping them clear business hurdles, hit their stride, and engage in activities that optimize success.


If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.  -anonymous











About Sarah Kurtenbach

Sarah Kurtenbach is a social media, influencer marketing and digital expert who has worked for a top Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for over five years. Starting as the second employee, she helped grow the company to be a multi-million dollar business, brought the company through an acquisition, worked post-acquisition within a large Fortune 500 media company, and was promoted to be the youngest VP in the company to lead sales and revenue.

She has strategized, built content, put together process plans, ran digital media, analyzed data and brought success to hundreds of advertisers including: AT&T, CVS, Capital One, Bayer, HGTV, jetBlue, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lifetime, Skype, Domino’s, J.Crew, Audi, Samsung, Jaguar, Air France, Revlon, T.Rowe Price, and many others.

She has been on the board of multiple non-profits and other organizations to lead their digital and social efforts, and has spoken at numerous digital media conferences around the country.

Sarah recently moved from NYC to South Dakota to marry the love of her life, Chad Kurtenbach, and she has a passion for helping business owners succeed in the ever-changing digital and social space.